Nelson Che

Coordinator, of  both the educational and cultural programme of the Ocupação Mauá,  São Paulo

“The difficulty exists and it is strong, mate.

It is not a small thing. It is not a small pearl no, it is strong. Specially because, people without a roof already has that label, already carries that label of being homeless.

So it’s hard, it’s hard. Even with these families deserving their rights to be assisted. The state does not recognize these people. The state does not recognize the poor.

And it’s not just here in Brazil, is it? This is not only here in Brazil, I have many contacts abroad and if you see the people in Africa and in others countries., they live in the same difficulties that people are living here in Brazil, so it is a world project of social exclusion, this project is world wide, it is not only a local thing is world-wide.

When they built a house for the poor, it is on the outskirts of the outskirts, as I have said here, in downtown, no, because this area belongs to a class that is the powerful one, that has money.”