Arte Maloqueira, Chabilandia

Reverso 06

Feedback from how the group is using the Mazi toolkit.

“Hello, Loyane, CSM staff and Reverse team.

First, we would like to justify the delay to respond to the questions, we went through a process of writing a project and it took us a lot of time. But, even with the delay, we really would like to share our experience.

1. Lack of structural support, plus details.

In the peripheries we suffer from a situation that bothers us a lot, there are many cases of professionals and students, who come to write theses, to do a field experience and then disappear. They occupy our time and leave us with no return. I confess that the first contact with the London people soon imagined that it would be something like that.

To our surprise, Anthony went to our “ravine” with the company of Batata to understand our needs and know our actions. We were gradually reassuring ourselves. Understanding Mazi’s proposal and the ideological approach (do-it-yourself, free software and anti-privileges) made the group receive our trust.

2. Initial reactions with Mazi, connections, Maloca Mobile and Arte Maloqueira.

The Mazi is a fantastic technology, the more we learned, the more we imagined how it could improve some actions.

In the first contact, we were closing the project of “Saraus da Maloca” in the municipal library Jamil Almansur Haddad and we already thought that the people (elderly, sick or housework) who were at home could follow the “sarau” by the Mazi camera live on a platform that would not require internet.

In December we were contemplated with the project, the Maloca Mobile. Two years ago we figured out how to make some people from the extreme of the neighbourhood go in the few cultural facilities that are in the centre of the neighbourhood. We then thought of taking the cultural equipment to the extreme instead of taking people to the centre, so the Maloca Mobile is born. A cultural space and itinerant community studio.

For Maloca Mobile we thought of producing radio programs – from the perspective of community communication. For the persecution that the community radios suffer, the Mazi is another way of spreading the production made and even more, allows each ravine and local that we go, people can hear other people from different ravines, that is great. This is already happening. In the Mazi, it is called the Radioteca.

We adapted that space that would be like a blog, to a kind of Instagram, where people in the events can upload images and phrases, which makes the biggest success in the ravines we call Maloq’Insta. To quickly associate the social network. It’s working. It became a coverage of the events.

Another use for us, was to create a collection of books that do not arrive in the peripheries, due to financial problems of the population to buy or a socially structured censorship, there we have the book that talks about the persecution that women suffer, a current witch hunt, mainly in the peripheries (Book: Caliban and the Witch, by Silvia Federici), also the book by Angela Davis, among others. This is our library.

We have other ideas, which without funding are still in our plans. A Da Malocanewspaper shared in the morning in all the ravines with important news made by ourselves, to spread mainly the good news that our neighbourhood has (which are not few), different from the tabloids that only show crimes and violence.

3. Some difficulty with the tool

Our Mazi camera stopped working, so one of the uses stopped.

We wanted to expand the amount of memory, to also make movies available, but we were not able, for example, leave an external HD with files for Mazi access (it may be a lack of technical knowledge on our part)

And there are other tools that we have been trying out, but we still do not know for sure the use, for instance, would be a type of collective writing, we think of using in the workshops of poetry and chronicles, but we have not yet mastered how it works.

4. Going to London

We received the invitation to go to London in November, by CSM, I believe it is because of the experience that we lived together with you here in São Paulo, we were very happy with the invitation and we would like to ask you the possibility of going the three of us, because the Arte Maloqueira has a nucleus that thinks the activities, composed by these three members, if only one of us can go, it is already great, but it does not compare if we could go together. We can see the possibility of paying some part, do you think it is possible?


Arte Maloqueira

Sheyla, Renildo e Bruno”