A group of teachers from Central Saint Martins, London proposed a project to revisit Sao Paulo and hold Mazi workshops exploring development and adoptions of tools that employ technologies capable of mapping spaces, storing data, providing access to the Internet, and other powers to be debated collectively during a meeting to be held on 4th December 2017, at the City School and the Mauá occupation.

Mazi, which means “together” in Greek, is a collective awareness platform for sustainability and social innovation that enables connection, transfer and storage of data. It utilizes DIY network technology,  low-cost hardware, and free software applications that promotes the construction of community wireless networks.

Workshops of data technology systems for social movements, a partnership between Central Saint Martins, City School and British Council.

Favelas Arise – Monday December 4th 2017
10:00 to 13:00, 6th Floor, Escola da Cidade presentation of technology tools with CSM teachers: Anthony Davies, Elizabeth Wright, graduate Loyane Bianchini and activist James Stevens.

13:00 to 18:00,  Mauá Occupation. Meetings with leaders of eight favelas – Morro do Ape, Brasilândia, Paraisópolis, Jardim Angela, Favela of the mill, Heliopolis, Diadema and Guaianazes-and movements of struggle for housing in Sao Paulo.

IIET 11:00 – 16:00 –
Tuesday December 5th 2017. Review of the research work in progress to investigate workers rights and campaign for compensation and corporate accountability.

Housing Occupations Convene
Wednesday December 6th 2017 16:00 to 21:00 Mauá Occupation

Professors of CSM, Anthony Davies, Elizabeth Wright, with ‘free researcher’ James Stevens, collaborate with the profs. Carol Tonetti, Ligia Noble and Vitor Cesar with artist Cláudio Bueno, and with representatives of the eight favelas will participate in the workshop.

They will debate and test the utility  of tools like Photogrammetry, Database documentation for political fights and DIY networking (do it yourself) all hosted on a MAZI toolkit


Perifatividade Friday 7th December 2017

Associacao Cultural – 8th December
Social centre in the Vila Nelson Cruz Favela


Arte Moloqueira – 9th December
Community action and culture in the Chabilandia Favela


Movimento Cultural – 10th December
Cultural Centre in the Ermiliano Materrazo neighborhood


Agencia Mural..

Reverso Review – 11th December at Escola da Cidade for more Mazitookit and Photogrammetry practice.