Mazi Toolkit

The MAZI Toolkit is made up of three elements.

1. Low cost hardware, currently the Toolkit is using the Raspberry Pi computer. Designs for making your own hardware casings will be available soon.

2. Software and applications, specifically developed by the MAZI Project including a set of local web applications ready to be activated on the captive portal. The functionality will range from very simple communication services, like chatting, forums, wikis, and polls to more sophisticated collaborative applications for social networking, deliberations, community organising, project development, etc.

3. Guidelines and knowledge, including examples and inspirations. Installation scripts and step-by-step guides are part of the toolkit, enabling you to build and deploy your own network zone, to configure a user-facing captive portal, and to select and customise software applications.

Further information

In addition, you can directly access the Toolkit guidelines on GitHub, which includes up-to-date documentation:

You can support the ongoing development of the Toolkit by adding any issue with bugs, comments, and feature requests here:

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