Pilot design

MAZI is operating four pilot studies, at separate locations, in collaboration with Academic partner organisations in Greece, Germany, Switzerland and UK.

The pilot studies will inform the design and development process, drawing from the wide variety of uses for the MAZI toolkit as it is activated in different situations and locations.

The accumulation of these accounts and personal experiences will allow us to:

• Identify correlations between context, design choices, challenges and objectives.

• Gain complementary expertise in understanding user perspectives regarding its usage.

• Compile a set of guidelines for the customisation of a MAZI Toolkit based on the local context and requirements.

• Provide a set of pre-configured templates for common situations and a repository of examples and shared configurations.

Our pilot projects will continue to experiment with variations of the general concept of participatory design. More specifically, to better understand the needs of the local communities. We will combine the following methodologies to enable researchers and communities to learn from actual use-cases of both technological infrastructures as well as the tools:

• Co-design workshops

• Design of boundary objects and early-stage prototypes

• In-depth interviews with important actors

• Field research

• Cultural and Technological Probes

Most importantly, the different pilot cases will give us the opportunity to co-create with different types of actors that will be included in the process.

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