Mazi Toolkit features a set of collective development tools which have been selected in consultation with our pilot groups in Tsepelovo, Berlin, Zurich and London.

EtherPad | Nextcloud | Guestbook | Interview | WordPress | Twine

Etherpad is a whiteboard writing system which enables many people to share the authoring of text, try making a pad of you own or collaborate on the Reverso pad here and add your message!

Nextcloud is a group collaboration and document management system. Visit the default repository of Documents, Photos and Music. It features a calendar, video chat, a music player and can be further extended with plugins.

Guestbook was specially written for the toolbox and presents an opportunity to leave a message with an image for others to review.

Interview was also written for the toolbox to hold interviews recorded using the Interview app for android smart phones

WordPress is the publishing system we are using to make this guide for Reverso and the most widely used worldwide.

Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories that we have added to the list here most recently.

Other tools can be added but for now this is the list we have been testing.

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