Reverso brings together the workers of the Occupied Housing, surburban Favelas and those traveling to São Paulo from Central Saint Martins in London to explore MAZI offline publishing techniques, Active Archiving, Photogrammetry and DIY networking.

The project began in December 2017 with Favelas Arise at Escola da Cidade, in the context of an open forum where each of the participating groups nominated by São Paulo based coordinators Marcos Batata (Casa Redonda) and Nelson Che (MMRC) introduced their communities’ specific histories and the cultural, social focus of their respective spaces. This was followed by a series of digital technology led workshops delivered by a small team of London based researchers and educators coordinated by Central Saint Martins in close collaboration with representatives from eight favelas – Morro do Macaco, Brasilândia, Paraisópolis, Jardim Ângela, Favela do Moinho, Heliópolis, Diadema and Guaianazes – and Ocupação Maua.

These early workshops also covered ‘Active Archives’, a process of gathering and organising material related to social histories and ‘Photogrammetry’ an open/source 3D digital photographic modelling capture process. The aim was to provide practical methods for recording memories and social histories associated with communities under perpetual threat of eviction and displacement by making alternative technologies available, better understood and configured through customised toolkits relevant to the needs of each of the respective sites. In addition to free/shared internet access and offline communications these portable technologies may also enable community autonomy and self-representation. This website is available to the groups as a  Forum to support ongoing  network  building and for the upload of material related to their network.  The groups are self-representing and uploading their own content.

Use Mazi Toolkit BETA to help your community with communications and development of ideas and actions.

Configure the Mazi toolkit to present a set of tools to suit your needs. Mazi development work is ongoing and continues until end of 2018.

The Mazi toolkit offers a set of open source tools that each have their very own development group and community of users. Please read through the information held here in this WordPress publishing system. Administrators can login and configure this Reverso website

There are also specific pages here to introduce each of the tools and guide in their configuration and use.

Additional sensors and peripheral devices are also described and presented.

Extra tools and applications for smart phones and desktop computers are held in shared directories to support extended use.

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