Anthony Davies

Drawing on his recent trip to Sao Paolo in July 2017,  Anthony has proposed a series of workshops to introduce a range of methodologies associated with archival recovery and activation for inhabitants of the Maua Occupied House, Morro Do Macaco favela and schoolchildren from the Pedro Casemiro Leite High School.

Distributed Space and Self-Archiving

Acknowledging the principles of ‘History from below’ as a starting point,
participants will be encouraged to publicly present their respective histories, then select from available materials and stories to host a collection locally.

Together we will capture 3D spaces with photogrammetry, digitize documents and remember events. The skills developed in these workshops will enable communities to process, select and upload archival material to a Mazizone and participate in a Distributed Space model with staff and students at CSM

Comparable developments underway at Central Saint Martins Experimental Education Unit will then be shared to forge an international dialogue on the relationship between social [[non-institutional]] space and experimental education.