Elizabeth Wright

Since 2015 Elizabeth has been working with Louisa Minkin at Central Saint Martins to develop the Annihilation Project. Working with students, technical staff and other tutors they have been creating a flat learning platform to develop knowledge of 3D digital capture, scanning, modeling and output. In order to develop an open source workflow and by generating shared research the more traditional educational role of student, technician and tutor is almost removed so that information is mutually taught, shared and exchanged.

The contributors to the Annihilation Project have produced the learning resources, within the Reverso photogrammetry toolkit. To acquire proficiency in 3D digital modeling and for gaining knowledge to disseminate beyond the art school, participants have run workshops for other students, the local community, archivists and art historians. For all of these groups, the acquisition of 3D digital competencies has enabled them to digitally capture/represent the spaces and objects that they use and work within.

When objects and spaces are under threat or when access is restricted, digital rendering can provide a tool for both preservation and activation. The workshops will cover how to capture/photograph, working at different levels of competence,  relevant software, processing, rendering and output.